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About Us


Are you still wondering how to be compliant with EU GDPR? Here at DIPSec we’ll help you to find your path to data protection/GDPR compliance. We offer wide range of EU representation/ DPO services.

DIPSec has been working with small and large businesses in various sectors both within and outside the European Union. Our team include privacy, risk, security and business management experts who hold multiple professional certification and use their wealth of personal and professional experience in all areas of Information Security, Privacy and management to help your organization realize and achieve its goals.


We enhance compliance with organization existing GDPR programme and other privacy laws
Interact with Data Protection Authority, with expertise in handling complex issues
Connect with a global network of trusted specialists in data protection and privacy
We rely on knowledgeable data privacy professionals
We help organization to properly mitigate risk such as reputational, law suit and avoidance of fine through cost effective reductions/eliminations.
We represent clients outside the EU to comply with their obligations with GDPR
We speak their voice when communicating with their EU-based data subjects
We preserve their brand’s reputation with EU data protection authorities
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